Jake Hollings


Designed and printed for photographer Will Creswick. 

“Zemblanity, the opposite of serendipity, the faculty of making unhappy, unlucky discoveries by design. Serendipity and zemblanity; twin poles of the axis around which we revolve.”

- Armadillo, by William Boyd, 1998

[This publication coincided with Will’s solo exhibition  at Cobalt Studios, exploring Boyd’s neologism and the inexorable discovery of bad things.]
Photography by Will Creswick
Design & Print by Jake Hollings
Risograph printed at Cobalt Studios, Newcastle

Edition / 50


On-going visuals for experimental electronic duo Yard Nule.

A place in which music and visual art run side by side, allowing disciplines to inform one another. 
Single releases / Five Moons, Journey
LP / Yard Nule
7” vinyl / Yard Nule X Utae: Artificial Eyes, Freak



A collection of plants and vases, riso printed flip zine - edition of 50.

(Collaboration with illustrator Jimmy Hay). 


A collaboration with photographer James Grant. Exploring the juxtaposing North and South of England using photography and collage. 

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